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50 میلیون نفر در معرض استثمار مدرن قرار دارند
50 میلیون نفر در معرض استثمار مدرن قرار دارند

50 million people are exposed to modern exploitation

50 million people are exposed to modern exploitation

According to a report recently published by the United Nations, the number of people forced into forced labor and marriage has increased by ten million tons only from 2016 to 2021. Sexual exploitation of children is also mentioned in this report.

The United Nations has published its findings on forced labor and forced marriage in the world. Based on the findings of this international organization, about fifty million people are trapped in forced labor or forced marriage.

Based on this study, which was conducted by two UN agencies and the Walk Free Foundation, the number of people trapped in modern slavery has increased in recent years.

United Nations Report on Exploited Persons

According to the results of this research, 28 million people were forced to do forced labor until the end of last year. Another 22 million people were caught in the trap of forced marriage.

In a part of this report, it is stated that the number of those who were forced to do forced labor or who had agreed to forced marriage has increased by about ten million people from 2016 to 2021.

“It is shocking that the situation in the modern exploitation sector has not improved,” said Guy Ryder, head of the UN labor agency. “Nothing can justify the continuation of this fundamental violation of human rights.”

According to the goal set by the United Nations, all forms of modern slavery must end by 2030. The study also stated that the coronavirus pandemic has increased the risk of slavery in the world.

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A part of this study states: “Climate changes and armed conflicts have fueled “unprecedented disruptions in employment and education, an increase in extreme poverty and forced migration, and insecurity.”

The shocking part of the United Nations research is that “one in five people trapped in forced labor is a child, and more than half of them are also sexually exploited.”

This research also shows that migrant workers are more than three times more likely to be forced into forced labor than non-immigrant adult workers.

In this report, Antonio Vittorino, head of the International Organization for Migration, “stressed the importance of ensuring safe and orderly migration routes.”

In the continuation of this report, it is stated that 14% of the people who are forced to do forced work, carry out work that is imposed by the government authorities. The authors of this research have expressed their concern about forced labor in prisons, especially prisons in the United States.

In this research, the possibility of forced labor in the detention camps located in the Xinjiang region of China is also mentioned.

It should be noted that every year thousands of people are resettled by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the world, but the important point is that the Commissioner only covers people who are in danger of life and does not cover immigrants who immigrate for livelihood problems.

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