Monday , 4 December 2023
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A report on the arrest and temporary release of Nurullah Shamian, a Jewish citizen

Ariyai Community News Agency – Nurullah Shamian, a 65-year-old Jewish citizen who was arrested by the security forces after returning from Israel and finally transferred to Evin prison, has recently been released after posting bail. While living in Israel for about 6 years, this citizen has been arrested after returning to Iran under the pretext of traveling to Israel and preaching the religion of Kilim.

According to the report of the Aryan news agency, citing Harana, Nurullah Shamian, a Jewish citizen who was detained by the security forces in February 2019, was temporarily released from Evin prison after posting bail.

It is said that this Jewish citizen was a member of Tehran Kilimian Association until 1392. We have not been able to confirm this until the time of writing this report.

It should also be noted that on Monday, December 15, 2019, Farhanaz Kahn, another Jewish citizen, was temporarily released from Evin prison with a temporary bail until the end of the proceedings. Mrs. Kahn was also arrested by the security forces after returning from Israel and returned to Iran, and was transferred to the women’s ward of Evin prison after the interrogation.

It is not known whether Mr. Shamian and Mrs. Kahn have a common case or they were arrested in separate cases.

Previously, Mashallah Posarkohen, another Iranian Jewish citizen, was sentenced to three years in prison for traveling to Israel.

In November 2019, the Islamic Council approved the plan to increase the punishment for traveling to Israel. According to this resolution, any Iranian who travels to Israel will be sentenced to imprisonment for “from two to five years” and will be deprived of having a passport for “from three to five years”. It is necessary to remember that while traveling to Israel is considered a crime according to Iran’s laws, in addition to religious ties to this region, Iranian Jews have extensive family ties due to the large wave of Jewish immigration to this country after the revolution, and their traffic It is common for this country with religious or family goals, which has been accompanied by security considerations in the shadow of the Iranian government’s foreign policies.

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