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منیره عربشاهی و یاسمن آریانی
منیره عربشاهی و یاسمن آریانی

A report on the latest status of Munira Arabshahi and Yasman Ariani

Jamia Aryai News Agency – Munirah Arabshahi and Yasman Aryani, civil activists, are serving their 5-year and 6-month sentences in Ward 4 of Kachoui prison in Karaj without observing the principle of segregation of crimes. Mrs. Arabshahi is deprived of proper medical attention.

According to Jamia Aryai news agency, quoting Harana, Munira Arabshahi and Yasman Ariani, civil activists are serving their sentences in Karaj’s Kechoui prison.

A source close to the family of these prisoners told Harana: “Despite her illness, Mrs. Arabshahi is still deprived of adequate medical attention and the implementation of the doctor’s order to perform tests every 10 days, and this was done by the order of the prison authorities. It is done only once a month. Also, it has been more than a year that the prosecutor’s office has not agreed to the leave request of this mother and daughter, and now they are in Ward 4 of Kechoui prison in Karaj without observing the principle of separation of crimes. It should be noted that Ms. Arabshahi was sent from prison to Civil Hospital on June 24, following a severe drop in calcium levels and local anesthesia in her body.

Earlier, a source close to Ms. Ariani’s family said: “In April of this year, following Yasman Ariani’s beating and her father’s referral to the sentence enforcement branch to follow up on this situation, the prison authorities only transferred her and her mother Munira Arabshahi from Ward 4. Kechui Karaj Prison was limited to Ward 5 of this prison.”

Yasman Ariani was beaten by several prisoners of general crimes on March 4 of last year, after protesting against the deprivation of insignificant privileges that are given to prisoners due to participation in cultural activities of the prison, including the library and theater.

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Also, on May 11 this year, Munira Arabshahi was sent to Rajaei Hospital from Kechoui Prison in Karaj due to her physical condition.

Munira Arabshahi’s thyroid surgery

According to an informed source, “the doctors emphasized that Ms. Arabshahi should be sent to the hospital outside the prison for tests every 10 days after the thyroid surgery and its complete evacuation; This happens once a month due to the disruption of the prison officials.

On May 13 last year, Ms. Arabshahi was sent on medical leave from Kechoi prison in Karaj with a bail of 500 million tomans, and she returned to prison on August 1 after surgery and removal of the thyroid gland. On August 9th, due to his worsening condition, he was sent to the hospital from Kechui prison in Karaj, and a day later, he was returned to Kechui prison in Karaj without medical treatment and only after being tested. He was again sent on sick leave on August 13, 1400, and on October 12 of the same year, despite not completing the treatment process, he returned to prison after the leave.

Ms. Arabshahi’s daughter, Yasman Ariani, one of the opponents of mandatory hijab, while she was released from Evin prison on 25 February 2017 due to her previous conviction, was arrested again on 21 April 2018 and was transferred to Ministers’ Detention Center in Tehran. Ms. Arabshahi was arrested one day after her and was taken to Qarchak Varamin prison along with her child. Finally, on 22 August 2018, they were transferred from Qarchak prison in Varamin to the women’s ward of Evin prison, and again on 30 October last year, they were deported from the women’s ward of Evin prison to Kechoui prison in Karaj. He was sent on a short-term leave on July 14, 1400, and finally returned to Kechui prison in Karaj on August 12.

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The trial process of Munira Arabshahi and Yasman Ariani

This daughter and mother were imprisoned in August 2018 by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Mohammad Moqiseh and each was sentenced to 16 years for the charges of “Assembly and collusion with the intention of acting against national security, propagandizing against the system and encouraging and providing causes for corruption and prostitution”. Imprisonment and at the appeal stage, each was sentenced to a total of 9 years and 7 months in prison. With reference to Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, the severe punishment of 5 years and six months in prison is applicable for each of them.

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