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چهار نوکیش مسیحی دزفول
چهار نوکیش مسیحی دزفول

Accusation of propagandizing against the regime for four Christian converts in Dezful

Four Christian converts in Dezful, named Alireza Verk Shah, Mohammad Kaedgap, Mohammad Ali Torabi Shangri and Ismail Narimanpour, were accused of “propaganda against the regime” on Tuesday, August 12, 1400, in the fourth branch of the Revolutionary Court of Dezful.

According to the report of the Aryan community, quoting from Article 18, Iman Soleimani, the lawyer defending these four Christian citizens, said, “Alireza Roshanaizadeh, Hojat Lotfi Khalaf Joy, Mohsen Saadatizadeh and Masoud Nazhu, four Christian converts are the same case of these people who are still officially accused They have not been announced, but they are expected to be summoned to the Revolutionary Court.”

Ismail Narimanpour, Hojat Lotfi Khalaf, Mohammad Ali Torabi and Alireza Work Shah were arrested on Monday, 30 Farvardin.

Previously, Mohabbatein News had reported that, except for these four Christian converts who were arrested on Monday, April 30, in Dezful, a group of Christian citizens, whose number in this report was between ten and 15 people, were arrested until Thursday, May 2nd. They were summoned to the Ministry of Information, but none of them have been arrested.

These four people and another group of Christian converts were temporarily released on the evening of Wednesday 1st of May, Wednesday evening of 1st of May, after interrogation and inquisition.

Mr. Narimanpour was one of the Christian converts who was beaten during interrogation.

The charge against these four Christian citizens is based on the changes that were recently added to Article 500 of the Islamic Penal Code.

According to this article, “…committing any other deviant educational or propaganda activity that contradicts or disrupts the holy law of Islam in real or virtual space or creating mental and physical domination over people in the form of a cult or any other organized criminal group is considered a crime.”

  Christian convert Maherkh Ghanbari was summoned to the Revolutionary Court

Inquisition is prohibited in Iran’s constitution, but many times Christian citizens, especially converts, have reported that they were victims of inquisition during interrogation and trial in courts.

The Christian organization “Open Doors” considers Iran to be the eighth “anti-Christian” country in the world.

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