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بازداشت لیلا میرغفاری
بازداشت لیلا میرغفاری

Arrest of Leila Mirghafari by security forces

Arrest of Leila Mirghafari by security forces

Ariyai Community News Agency – Leila Mirghafari, a civil activist, was arrested by the security forces.

According to Human Rights in Iran, on Friday 23rd of Shahrivar, 1401, Leila Mirghafari, a civil activist, resident of Tehran, was arrested by security forces during a protest rally in front of Kasri Hospital in this city, which was held to protest the death of Mehsa Amini. .

An informed source while announcing this news said: “During the gathering that was published yesterday around noon and after the announcement of Mehsa Amini’s death, Leila Mirghafari, along with several others, appeared in front of Kasri Hospital, which after the formation of civil protests more than “Out of 8 female agents attacked this civil activist and arrested him and took him to the Security Police Detention Center in Tehran by a van.”

It should be noted that Leila Mirghafari was arrested by the security forces on 28th of Bahman 1400 during Bektash Abtin’s funeral and was released after a few hours.

This civil activist was previously arrested by the security forces on 27th of February 2016 and in another case, and after going through the process of interrogation and explanation of the charges, she was released by posting a bail in the amount of 80 million Tomans.

With the beginning of the proceedings, on October 3, 2017, Leila Mirghafari was summoned to Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court and charged with the charges of (disobeying the security guards), (insulting the leadership), (appearing in public without Sharia Hijab), (providing reasons to encourage people to corrupt prostitution and encouraging them by promoting non-hijab) was tried and sentenced to 2 years of suspended imprisonment with a 3-year suspension period.

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On January 19, 2018, this civil activist was tried by branch 1057 of Criminal Court 2 of Tehran on charges of (disobeying the orders of officers), (spreading corruption and prostitution) and (not observing hijab) in another case.

On February 3, 2017, he was acquitted of the charge of (appearing in public without a religious hijab) and paid a fine of 50,000 Tomans, and of the charge of (disobeying the officers) and (encouraging people to commit corruption and prostitution). These accusations against Leila Mirghaffari came from the fact that when she entered the court in June 2017, even though she was wearing a coat and jeans, they asked her to wear a veil, and after Leila Mirghfari refused to do so and got into a fight The verbal argument of this case had turned into a verbal conflict and led to the opening of a new case for him.

In November 2014, Leila Mirghafari along with 17 other civil activists were arrested in a peaceful gathering in front of Evin prison on the charge of (disturbing public order) and this civil activist was transferred to Qarchak prison and Mardan to Evin prison and after some time He was released on bail of 50 million tomans.

The trial of Leila (Khadija) Mirghafari was held on 20th of Bahman 1395 by Branch 1060 of Tehran Criminal Court under the chairmanship of Judge Farshid Dehghani and this civil activist was sentenced to 91 days of imprisonment.

With the declaration of protest, on May 18, 2018, the case of Leila Mirghafari was held in absentia by Branch 36 of the Court of Appeal of Tehran Province, headed by Ahmad Zargar. (The reason for the non-attendance of some defendants was the lack of prior notice to the defendants or their lawyers by the court, failure to protest the initial verdict, or in one of the cases, preventing the defendant from joining the meeting, due to what is called non-Islamic clothing). Finally, this sentence was confirmed in the appeal stage.

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