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برقراری تماس با کمیساریای عالی‌ پناهندگان سازمان ملل در ترکیه
کمیساریای عالی‌ پناهندگان سازمان ملل در ترکیه

Asylum-seeking process in Turkey – international support

Asylum-seeking process in Turkey – international support

The Turkish government is the main provider of support in Turkey. Therefore, registration with the Turkish authorities is the most important way to access these rights in Turkey. Registration is an important task for foreigners, because it makes their stay legal and allows access to public services. Registration also protects you against forced return to your country.

According to the law related to foreign nationals and international laws, in order to enjoy the protection process of the international protection laws, you are required to personally apply to the provincial immigration department for registration.

As an applicant for international protection, if you have entered Turkey illegally or have an illegal residence, you will not be subject to criminal punishment, provided that you provide valid reasons for your illegal entry. After registering with the provincial immigration office and in accordance with the law, you must reside in the city assigned to you.

After registering at the provincial immigration office, as an applicant for international protection, an identity card will be issued to you and each member of your family. With the ID card you received, your residence in Turkey will be considered legal. In the identification card, each person will be given an identification number of foreign nationals (which starts with 99). This identification number allows you and your family members to access a set of services and rights in Turkey.

Please note that according to this law, you will be required to establish regular communication with the immigration office of your city, and this communication will be done in the form of introducing yourself to this office and signing at regular intervals (signature duty). You will be notified of the scheduled time for your signature task.

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The task of signing is very important. Unless you have provided a valid reason why you are unable to perform your signature duty.

The immigration office of your city can implicitly waive your request for international protection and accordingly decide that your case will be appealed to the court. Therefore, to avoid deportation and lengthy court proceedings, please complete your signature duties regularly at the scheduled time.

Asylum in Turkey – Status determination process by Turkish authorities

The Turkish authorities are primarily responsible for receiving and evaluating your application for international protection.

At the time of registration at the immigration office of the province, you will be asked to provide information and reasons related to leaving your country of origin or your former permanent residence and your experiences after leaving and the reasons that caused you to apply for international protection. State the ID.

According to the law, usually an in-person interview will be conducted within 30 days after registration. But this interview can be postponed to a later time. The important thing is to show up on the date scheduled for your interview. If necessary, a supplementary interview may be conducted. National laws and regulations require respect for the confidentiality of your identity and the information you provide.

According to the law, the evaluation of your request will be concluded within six months by the Directorate General of Immigration Management. Please note that this time can be longer. Decision making is done individually; Applications from one family will be evaluated as a single application and the decision will be valid for the entire family. Your personal circumstances and current general conditions in your country of origin or previous permanent residence will be taken into account in making the decision.

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For more information about the procedures for applying for international support, read this booklet.

The appeal

If your application for international protection has been rejected or canceled by the General Directorate of Immigration Management or the Provincial Immigration Department, you can appeal the negative result that was issued. The appeal request must be sent to the International Protection Evaluation Commission within 10 days or referred to the administrative court within 30 days after the announcement of the result. You can go to the administrative court within 15 days after the announcement of the verdict. If you do not appeal the negative decision within the specified time, this negative decision will be considered as a definitive and final decision.

You can use legal services to appeal. These legal services are provided by law offices under the Turkish Bar Association.

You can get the contact information of all lawyers’ associations on the website of the Turkish Lawyers’ Association. You can also search for this information in this booklet.

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