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روند پناهندگی در بلژیک
روند پناهندگی در بلژیک

Asylum trends in Belgium in 2022

Asylum process in Belgium – In this article from the Aryan community news agency, we try to get to know the country of Belgium as well as the process of asylum in Belgium.

Getting to know Belgium

Belgium, a country in Western Europe, has a convenient location in Europe. The Belgian market provides opportunities for creative industries, visual arts, performing arts and literature. Health, welfare and social security in Belgium have an excellent international standard. Belgium is also cheaper than many European countries and is one of the countries known as the center of medical tourism. High-quality medical care is widely available to the public, supported by major hospitals.

The people of Belgium speak French and Dutch. There is a big difference in the climate of the coastal areas and the winter highlands during summer and winter. But in general, the climate of Belgium is moderate. One of the most important diamond trade centers in the world is the city of Atrop in Belgium. As the statistics show us, on average, 200 million dollars of diamonds enter or leave this city during the day. About 7 of the top 10 petrochemical companies in the world are located in this city, which has made Belgium one of the most important economic and commercial bases in the European continent. The purchasing power of people in Belgium is high.

Belgium ranks high in industrial fields in the world and has increased its industrial base by 92%. In Belgium, a lot of attention is paid to privatization, this shows that Belgium is considered a safe and secure country for foreign investors.

Asylum in Belgium
Asylum in Belgium

Important points about asylum in Belgium

Getting to know Belgium
Getting to know Belgium

Asylum in Belgium

All immigrants who come to Belgium are allowed to apply for international protection and support from the Belgian authorities. Applicants for international protection must go through the steps to get their application accepted in order to obtain residency in Belgium. The Belgian government adapts the conditions of individuals to those defined in the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and decides on applications.

The Geneva Convention defines a refugee as a person who is outside his country and homeland due to fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or holding particular political opinions, and is unable due to fear to Return to your country. Belgium is one of the signatories of the Geneva Convention and considers itself obliged to comply with its provisions. In Belgium, applicants for international protection who stay in refugee camps in Belgium are not entitled to financial aid. Belgium has strict rules for asylum and the implementation of the Dublin law in Belgium speaks for this.

The primary authority for asylum investigation in Belgium is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Belgium. For more information, visit the website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Belgium. In this article, we try to fully describe the steps of asylum in Belgium.

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How to apply for asylum in Belgium

First, you go to one of the refugee reception centers in Brussels. Petit Chateau is the largest asylum reception center in Belgium, which offers both the possibility of filing an application and the possibility of accommodation.

In order to register the application, you must be present at this center from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM Due to the crowd, we recommend that you visit this center in the early hours of the day.

After skipping the queue, which sometimes takes hours, you will enter the Petit Chateau center (or alternative centers like Pacheco).

First, the process of registering your application was done by asking for personal information. Vaccination will be the next step. Then you will be given a document called an annex.

At this stage, the process may be different, which means that you may be transferred to another center for fingerprinting, or you may be introduced to a temporary camp, and after a few days, you will be invited to undergo fingerprinting procedures. Sometimes the introduction of the temporary camp will take several days and you may spend these days on the street or with friends and acquaintances.

After introducing the camp, you move there and meet a person called a social assistant. He will explain all the steps and conditions to you.

From now on, he will be in charge of your case and request for a lawyer and all your other work.

After the introduction of your lawyer, you will meet him in one to three meetings and explain to him all the events that caused you to apply for asylum and present your documents to him.

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How is the interview at the High Commissioner for Refugees?

Normally you will have two interviews.

The first interview in which you will briefly explain your personal questions, how to get to Belgium and the risk case (the problem for which you applied for asylum).

Note that you should only go into generalities and avoid getting into marginal and small issues.

After the first interview, which generally lasts between 1 and 3 hours, you must wait for the second interview.

A lawyer will not be with you during the first interview, so be careful not to give wrong information to the case officer. These conversations will be recorded in your file and if there is a contradiction, you will face a big problem.

What is Orange Card and how to get it

Orange card or temporary residence card in Belgium is an orange card with your photo and information that you usually receive from two weeks to one month after arriving at the first camp.

Social assistance will help you to get this card from the municipality where you live.

After the first renewal, you will be allowed to work.

Our advice to you is to look for a job as soon as possible. At the same time, you can participate in French or Dutch language classes. If you find a suitable job, be sure to ask the employer for a white contract. This contract will affect the process of your case.

The second interview at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

To conduct this interview, you must go to Brussels and participate in an interview that will be notified to your lawyer at least one month in advance. This interview will be longer than the first interview and sometimes even four times.

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In this interview, complete information about your situation and the risk case and the road case is requested. Note that the case officer is fully aware of the issues related to your case and the issues of your country Do not underestimate the case officer in any way. Attend the meeting with full preparation.

At this stage, your lawyer is present, but he is not allowed to speak and only takes notes from the entire meeting.

Note that you have to wait months and sometimes years to receive the second interview letter. The estimated time to go to the second interview is estimated from six to 2 and a half years.

The final answer from the High Commissioner for Refugees

This answer will be sent to both you and your lawyer and it has no specific time. You may wait for an answer from three months to two years.

If the answer is yes, you will proceed with the asylum process.

Actions after receiving a negative response from the High Commissioner for Refugees

If the answer is no, pay attention to the following recommendations:

Don’t lose heart because you can reapply.

Try to get new documents from your case.

Our recommendation is that if you receive a negative answer, you should file your request again after one or two months and do not go to the appeals court.

The court will agree with the Commissioner in almost all cases, and the waiting period is usually between 3 and 9 months You are only wasting your time by asking the appellate court.

During this time, try to collect new documents for your second request.

کشور بلژیک
Asylum in Belgium

The lawyer does not have a big role in your case, so our advice is to master your case and not listen to the advice of non-experts.

In this article, we tried to explain the different dimensions of asylum in Belgium for you dear ones. If you have experience in this regard, you can share with us in the comments section.

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