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حمله به دانشگاه شریف 10 مهرماه
حمله به دانشگاه شریف 10 مهرماه

Attack on Sharif University on October 10

Attack on Sharif University on October 10

Following the suppression of nationwide protests in Iran, on the evening of Sunday, October 10, the security forces, together with a large number of plainclothes forces, surrounded the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran and attacked the students, while beating and shooting, injuring or arresting an unknown number of students. and transferred to unknown places.

Islamic Society of Sharif University published a report on the “terrible” attack of the security forces on this university on Monday morning on its Twitter account and explained the details of this event.

According to this report, upon reaching the door of the Faculty of Energy Engineering, protesting students in the university campus were confronted by plainclothes forces who were ready to arrest them with several vans.

In the first encounter, the security officers “arrest three students and hit the fourth student with a baton on the way to the hospital” and this is the beginning of a massive attack that continues with shooting with bullets and paintballs.

The Islamic Association of Sharif University of Technology has stated in its report that following the attack of security officers and plainclothes, students face the closed doors of the university while fleeing and find themselves surrounded by security forces.

As a result of this situation, the students go to the parking lot of the university to escape the battle, but it is announced that the entrance door of the parking lot will not be opened.

According to the report of the Islamic Association of Sharif University, at the same time, uniformed forces were ambushing the students with batons, weapons, and motorbikes on the first and second floors of the parking lot, and they stopped them from moving by firing plastic bullets and pellets from close range, especially at the girls. Students are arrested.

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In the meantime, another group of students trapped in the parking lot were also injured due to the shooting of bullets and plastic bullets, however, despite the firing of tear gas, a number of students managed to “enter the family hypermarket through an elevator and escape.”

The Islamic Association of Students of Sharif University has written that at least 30 to 40 students of Sharif University have been arrested so far, and there is no information about the status of most of them.

This is despite the fact that since the past few days, videos of threats from some members of the university’s student mobilization against the protesting students were published, promising to suppress the protests.

In the continuation of the report of last night’s events, it is stated that the students trapped in the parking lot will inevitably return to the university campus, but again, “the security forces with guns in their hands are watching the students and selectively pull out a number of students from the crowd and take them with them.”

As reported by the Islamic Association of Sharif University Students, in some cases, the security forces or some professors of the university responded by beating them to prevent the arrest of the students.

In the midst of these events, the publication of some videos of the officers’ attack on Sharif University on social networks created a wave of concern among students’ families and the general public, especially as it was reported that a large number of students who were attacked were “incoming students of 1401, who on the second day They experience themselves in the university”.

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Following this notification, it was reported that a number of people went to Sharif University by car to help the students, which led to heavy traffic in the main streets around the university, and groups of people also reached the closed gate of the university to request their release. Students chanted.

At the same time, a video of the presence of Mohammad Ali Zulfigol, Minister of Science of the government of Ibrahim Raisi at Sharif University was published, which showed that in response to the protesting students, he accused them of wasting the treasury and said, “If you don’t follow the law, you will have to pay for it.”

Zulfigol also in response to the complaint and protest of the students against Rukhmi and their injuries by the uniformed and security forces, asks the students not to take photos and videos for the foreign media because “it is not in the dignity of a honorable student” to which the students reply that whether beatings and arrests and Is shooting at students in the university worthy of honorable students?

After last night’s attack by officers on Sharif University and while the reports indicated that the atmosphere continued to be inflamed, Rasul Jalili, the president of Sharif University, claimed that “the condition of the students is fine and the gathering is over.”

Mr. Jalili also advised the students’ families not to be influenced by the foreign media’s lying factory.

In some reports, Rasoul Jalili has been mentioned as one of the “architects of the internet filtering project in Iran in the 80s and one of the main leaders of filtering and security plans in recent years.”

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According to video reports from Tehran, the area of Sharif University, especially the intersection of Yadgar Imam Highway and Azadi Street, was facing heavy traffic and a tense security environment until an hour after midnight.

No official report has yet been published on the number of arrested students and their fate, the number of injured, and the official identity of the forces that attacked Sharif University on the evening of Sunday, October 10.

Meanwhile, according to some reports, including the announcement of the country’s students’ union councils, a number of students of this university have been arrested by the security forces in the dormitory.

This institution wrote on its Telegram channel: “According to the news received at 21:00 tonight, October 10, several students present in Sharif dormitory number 2 were arrested by the security forces, put in a van and taken to an unknown place.”

The website of Sharif University of Technology announced in an announcement that “all classes of this university will be held virtually until further notice.”

Nationwide protests of “Women, Life, Freedom” against the government of Iran started on 26 September, when it was announced that Mahsa Amini had died in the custody of the “Moral Security” police, in many cities of Iran, and it is still going on after more than two weeks have passed.

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