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بهنام لایق‌پور مقابل چشمان عشق‌اش کشته شد
بهنام لایق‌پور مقابل چشمان عشق‌اش کشته شد

Behnam Laikpour was killed in front of his love

Behnam Laikpour was killed in front of his love

Aryan Community News Agency quoted by Zamane Radio:

When Behnam Laikpour was injured, the security forces did not allow anyone to help him and he died on the way to the hospital. In his last Instagram post, Behnam announced that he has suspended his activities “out of respect for the people of Iran” regarding the protests against the government killing of Mehsa (Zina) Amini.

Behnam was wounded on the ground and one of the agents was standing over him with a gun and would not let anyone help him.

Behnam Laikpour, a name that this time from Rasht is among the dead. He was supposed to marry his girlfriend named Ghazal before Eid 1402, but he was brutally killed in front of the eyes of the person he loved and even his love was not allowed to help him.

According to the information provided by an informed source to Zamane, on Wednesday 30th of Shahrivar, Behnam Laikpour, along with his fiancee and one of his friends, were going to a mobile phone store to do some work, when at around 9:30 in the evening, security forces opened fire on Lakani Blvd. in Rasht. killed.

An informed source of the time says:

“As soon as they got out of the car, people were running behind them about 10 meters from inside Lakani Street, and security forces on motorcycles were chasing them and shooting at them. At this moment, Behnam told his girlfriend to run away, and they started running with his friend, like everyone else, his girlfriend was a few steps ahead and Behnam was behind her, but the security forces caught Behnam in the alley and shot him from a very close distance. He was shot. Then they stood over Behnam’s head with a gun so that no one would come to help him and they said that if anyone comes forward to help, they will beat him…”

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According to an informed source of Zamane, the security forces shot Behnam Laikpour’s throat and chest twice with bullets, and his whole face and throat were full of bullets. Due to the close distance that Behnam was shot at, the bullets tore the throat artery and the bullets penetrated into his lung.

The security forces beat the protesters, including Behnam’s girlfriend, with a baton on the spot:

“The motorists threatened Behnam’s fiancé and his friend and beat them with batons. After they left, the door of a nearby parking lot opened and a man came out who said he was an emergency doctor, bring Behnam inside. In the parking lot of that man’s house, he gave Behnam serum and oxygen, but Behnam was bleeding profusely. In the crowd, the switch of the car was lost and they did not have a car to take him to the hospital. Behnam’s girlfriend was trying to get a car on the street to take her to the hospital, but no one would take them, everyone said it was risky and they wouldn’t do it. Finally, the man who helped Behnam took Behnam to Porsina hospital with his car. But Behnam finished on the way…”

This source says that the forces that shot Behnam Laikpour were motorcyclists wearing cream-colored checkered guerilla uniforms, and according to these characteristics, it is most likely that the special forces shot at this citizen.

Zamane’s knowledgeable source further explains that Porsina Hospital was very crowded and there were many injured citizens in the hospital, so it took about 10 minutes to bring a stretcher and transfer Behnam to the hospital:

Everything took a long time, maybe if it was sooner, Behnam would have been saved… They also performed CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), but Behnam never came back…

After Behnam Laikpour died, his body was taken to the morgue, and the security forces told his girlfriend and family at two in the morning on Thursday 31st of Shahrivar that Behnam’s body should be taken to the forensic path:

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“His girlfriend said that it is not necessary to take him to the forensic medicine now, but they said that his work should be done sooner… Finally, his girlfriend had argued and they did not take the body to the forensic medicine that night. Behnam’s body stayed in the morgue for three nights, and his girlfriend Dam stayed in the morgue all those three nights so that his body would not be taken anywhere.

After three nights passed, on Sunday the 3rd of Mehr, the body of Behnam Laikpour was handed over to his family and they were told that he should be buried in Behesht Rezvan Cemetery on the Qazvin-Rasht road and not somewhere else. And they will not be allowed to hold the ceremony. According to Zamane’s well-informed source, Behnam Laikpour’s funeral was crowded and many relatives were present.

Zamane’s knowledgeable source says that when Behnam Laikpour’s family received his body and opened the shroud, they had split his entire head and this question came to them, when the bullet hit his throat and lung, why should they split his head?

Zamane’s informed source says that in the court, the family of Behnam Laikpour took a written commitment of Manbi not to inform and media, not to hold a funeral ceremony, not to file a complaint and not to announce the main cause of death. This well-informed source close to Behnam Laikpour’s family says that the cause of his death is “cardiac arrest” on the death certificate.

A large number of security forces were also present at the funeral. During the funeral ceremony of Behnam Laikpour, women took off their headscarves as a sign of protest and sang the song of Yar Dobstani.

According to Zamane’s well-informed source, Behnam Laikpour’s candidate has been summoned to the Intelligence Department.

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According to Zamane’s well-informed source, in the same area where Behnam Laikpour was killed, at least four other people were injured by security forces’ bullets.

Behnam Laikpour was born on 8 Bahman 1364 and was 36 years and 8 months old when he died. He had a tattoo and piercing parlor. He was the last child in the family and had a sibling older than him.

Behnam Laikpour’s friends keep putting his photos on the walls in Rasht city so that he will not be forgotten.

Behnam wrote in his last Instagram post regarding the protests against the government murder of Mahsa (Zina) Amini that he has suspended his activities out of respect for the people of Iran.

There is still no official and accurate statistics of the number of dead and people arrested during the protests against the killing of Mehsa Amini.

On Friday, September 1st, Amnesty International announced in a report about the protests against the death of Mehsa Amini that at least 30 protesting citizens in different cities of Iran, including children, were killed due to the use of violence and deadly weapons by the security forces, and in its latest report The confirmed death toll was 52. The Iranian Human Rights Organization based in Norway also announced on 20 October 1401 that at least 201 people were killed, including 23 children, in nationwide protests against the killing of Mahsa (Gina) Amini.

According to Zamane, based on the information received from various sources, at least 14 people have died so far, namely Fawad Al-Gadi in Diwandara, Reza Lotfi in Dehgan, Farjad Darwish in Urmia, Hananeh and Hossein Ali Kia in Nowshahr, Mehdi Asgari in Garmsar, Milan Haghighi in Ashnoye, Mohsen Mohammadi. In Qaim Shahr, the Hadith of Najafi in Karaj, Nika Shakrami in Tehran, Mohammad Hasan Turkman in Babol, Amir Hossein Basati in Kermanshah and Sadralin Litani in Ashnoyeh are independently verified.

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