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Conditional release of Moin Hajizadeh, a political prisoner

Aryai Community News Agency – Moin Hajizadeh, a political prisoner imprisoned in Evin prison, was released
According to the news agency of the Aryan community, on Tuesday evening, October 12, 1401, Moin Hajizadeh. Political prisoner The prisoner in Evin prison was released after serving 37 months of his total imprisonment. This political prisoner was sentenced to a total of 8 years of imprisonment, of which 5 years had to be served.
According to this report, Moin Hajizadeh was released conditionally after serving a third of his 5-year prison term.
It should be mentioned that Moin Hajizadeh was arrested by the security forces on 17 August 2018 and after searching his home and confiscating some of his personal belongings, he was transferred to one of the security cells of Evin prison and after going through the interrogation process, he was transferred to the 4th cell of this prison. The prison had been moved
With the beginning of the proceedings, in the middle of September 2018, Moin Hajizadeh, by the 15th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Abolqasem Salvati, on charges of (insulting the leadership) (propaganda activity against the regime) and (gathering and collusion with the intention of disrupting the security of the country) in He was sentenced to 8 years in prison.
After announcing the protest and referring Moin Hajizadeh’s case to the Court of Appeals of Tehran province, on 30th of Bahman 2018, the preliminary verdict of 8 years of rigorous imprisonment was confirmed.
With the application of Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, Moin Hajizadeh was required to bear the severest punishment for the charge (collusion and collusion), i.e. 5 years of imprisonment.

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