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ضرب و شتم پانته آ بهرام
ضرب و شتم پانته آ بهرام

Corporal punishment of artists in security institutions

Corporal punishment of artists in security institutions

Arya Community News Agency – a picture of the face Panthea Bahram, the movie actor, was published on social media on Wednesday and it was claimed that he was beaten during interrogation by the security forces on Tuesday; But with the follow-ups, it was found that the actor has been posting this photo on his user account for more than two weeks. Some claimed that she was beaten during street protests, and others said that she was beaten during interrogation. However, the actor herself did not react to these speculations and after a few hours, she deleted the photo from her Instagram account.

According to the Farsi News Agency, quoted by the Farsi Independent, Panthea Bahram had previously supported the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people on Instagram and wrote about the pressure of the intelligence agencies on the actors. One of the cinema and theater actors, who did not want to be named, pointed to this issue and reported the pressure on the people of art and said that during the past weeks, most of the artists who had reacted positively to the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people on Instagram. They have been summoned to the security agencies.

In response to the question of which organization these security agencies were affiliated with, he pointed to the two organizations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Intelligence Organization and the Faraja Intelligence Organization, and emphasizing the harsh and rude behavior of the security agents in dealing with artists, he said that some of the artists who They were arrested by the Intelligence Organization without being summoned or through that agency, besides verbal violence, they were also beaten. According to her, Faraja intelligence agents have tried to dissuade these artists from supporting and protesting activities on social media by pushing, slapping and physically dealing with them.

One of the movie actors, who was among the first people who reacted to the nationwide protests and continues to openly express her opinions and position on her personal account, was beaten up when she was summoned to Faraja Information. According to the information received by the Farsi Independent, this person was admitted to the hospital for a short time after being questioned due to the extent of the injuries caused by the beating.

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Many of these actors are under pressure not to publish news about their arrest or summons. Of course, the news of the arrest or summoning of some of these people to the IRGC Intelligence Organization was first published in the Telegram channels attributed to the IRGC, and after a few hours, it was denied by the order of higher officials.

Actors who are arrested and summoned by the IRGC Intelligence Organization must answer the calls of this organization daily so that their going out of the house and their Instagram posts are controlled.

In the past years and before the start of the recent protests, the security institutions used them as pawns to advance their political and propaganda goals by summoning and filing cases for some artists, and many artists faced threats and were forced by this method for a long time. They were to obey their interrogators.

Ketayoun Riahi was one of the first people who, despite living in Iran, discovered the hijab and supported the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people. After this incident, the security agencies rushed to her house to arrest her, but she was not present at home. After some time, this actor was also summoned and interrogated many times. After this incident, Ketayun Riahi reduced her activity on Instagram.

Another actress, who was involved in political activities before, has been summoned and interrogated many times by one of these intelligence organizations. After this incident, she had to close her Instagram account with more than one million followers.

The source of Independent Farsi also announced about the confiscation of the passports of some artists, even though ISNA news agency had previously said that these passports were returned to the artists, this has not happened until today and these artists are still unofficially banned from leaving. In the past three weeks, news about the confiscation of the passports of artists such as Mehran Madiri, Hamid Farrokhnejad, Sahar Dolatshahi, Homan Sidi, Homayun Shajarian, etc., were published on social media.

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Mehran Moderi had previously announced that he no longer wants to broadcast his works on TV. After this reaction of Mehran Modiri, the directors of Sedavasima announced that he has received his salary for making periodical programs and now these programs are ready to be broadcast. As a result, a manager has no right to make such a request.

On the other hand, due to Mehran Moderi’s support for the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people, Sedavsima, based on its previous practice, will place Mehran Moderi in the list of prohibited videos and will not be able to broadcast pre-recorded programs. For this reason, according to what was heard, Sedavsima’s security guards, in the presence of security forces, announced to Mehran Moderi in a meeting that the damage that the director must pay to Sedavsima due to the non-broadcasting of this program and the loss of sponsorship and advertising costs during the broadcast of this television contest, is about It will be 400 billion tomans.

Hamid Farrokhnejaden had previously announced that he was banned from leaving, summoned twice and interrogated for 10 hours.

On Wednesday, at the same time as the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people and their widespread presence in the streets, Zainab Mousavi, the famous cyberspace comedian known as the “Emperor of Cuzco”, was also arrested. The news indicates that the arrest of Zeinab Mousavi was accompanied by violence and beatings. Zainab Mousavi had been summoned to the security agencies many times before, and the security agencies called her after every harsh criticism she made. She had another open case related to her videos on Instagram, which is why she was repeatedly summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Information Department.

Iranian actress Fatemeh Motamed Arya, in response to the Tehran municipality’s action in installing a composite image of famous women’s faces on a billboard in Tehran’s Vali Asr square, which included her image, published a video without a hijab and said that she felt like the mother of the victims. Government knows violence. In a story, Motamedarya requested to take down her picture from the wall of Vali Asr Square. Not long ago, Fateme Motamedarya appeared at the funeral ceremony of Amin Tarakh without a headscarf and gave a speech.

Valiasr square view wall
Valiasr square view wall

According to reports, most of the actors who have supported the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people in the past weeks have been summoned to the security institutions or arrested. Although Ali Khamenei stated a while ago that the words of athletes and artists are not of much value, these reactions show that Ali Khamenei, as always, in the midst of protests, uses the reverse verb and with this code, allows harsh and general treatment of famous people with followers. has issued a lot on social media.

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Considering that the recent protests in Iran, which many now call a “revolution”, continue without a single leader, dealing with famous people is on the agenda. In the past days, some popular accounts on Twitter also announced the end of their activities or closed their accounts without any explanation.

In addition to the actors, the Premier League football players also faced strange security pressures during the past weeks, and athletes who supported the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people, such as Hossein Mahini, Veria Ghafouri, Kaveh Rezaei, were arrested or summoned. The players who went to the field with black wristbands opened their wristbands between the two halves under the pressure of the security agencies. What happened in the game between Persepolis and Tractor.

Before the game, it was heard that the security forces stormed the team’s dressing room before the game and between the two halves, to pressure the players to remove the black wristbands and also to arrest some of them. On the other hand, Sardar Ajarlo, the CEO of Esteghlal Club, also informally dismissed Aref Gholami and some members of Esteghlal staff in the past few days due to their support for the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people.

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