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منصورمردانی خراجی و محمود مردانی خراجی
منصورمردانی خراجی و محمود مردانی خراجی

Foladshahr of Isfahan; Arrest of two Christian converts

According to Jamia Aryai News Agency, quoted by Mohabbate News – Mansour Mardani Kharaghi and Mahmoud Mardani Kharaghi, two Christian converts, were arrested in a home church in Fouladshahr, Isfahan, during the celebration of Christmas, and after a month, there is still no information about their whereabouts. They are not in hand.

42-year-old Mansour Mardani Kharaghi and his 40-year-old brother Mahmoud Mardani Kharaghi were arrested on Wednesday, January 1, 1400 in a private security raid on a home church in Fouladshahr, Isfahan. Ten people were present in this ceremony, only these two people were taken to an unknown place by the security officers.

Christian converts are deprived of having a church building and gather in each other’s houses to pray or celebrate events like Christmas.

The security agents of the government attack the churches and homes of Persian-speaking Christians and harass them. Christmas is one of the days that Persian-speaking Christians have been targeted by intelligence agents in the past years.

A source told Mohabbate News, “Minutes after the start of the prayer ceremony, officers entered the place and did not allow anyone to leave. The security officers, who were wearing personal clothes, confiscated and confiscated their mobile phones after physically inspecting the attendees. Then they recorded the names and details of all the people and started interrogating them.”

These two brothers, who are plasterers, were busy in Isfahan and its suburbs.

Recently, a campaign initiated by a group of imprisoned Christian converts called “Church is the right of all Christians” was launched. At least 33 churches have supported this campaign so far

  Humiliating treatment of Christian converts in Evin

According to the latest report of the Christian organization “Open Doors”, Iran is the ninth “anti-Christian” country in the world.

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