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تشدید قوانین سختگیرانه آلمان برای نوکیشان مسیحی ایرانی
تشدید قوانین سختگیرانه آلمان برای نوکیشان مسیحی ایرانی

Germany tightens strict asylum laws for Christian converts

Germany’s strict asylum rules

The main question in examining the application of the Christian convert asylum seekers will be:

Does changing religion cause a risk to the life of a person who has become a Christian? Why and how?

According to the report of the Aryan community, quoted by Mohabbatean News, the rules of the German courts regarding the granting of asylum due to religious conversion and conversion to Christianity are becoming stricter. Reports indicate that the German Constitutional Court has rejected the appeal of an Iranian Christian asylum seeker who has been applying for asylum since 2011. Refugee rights activist “Hanif Heydarnjad” wrote in an article in response to the question “Is changing religion during the refugee process still a personal issue?” He writes: The Constitutional Court emphasizes in its ruling that the “Bamf” administration, German courts or government institutions are not allowed to determine whether or not an asylum seeker who claims to have converted to Christianity is a believer, whether he is a believer, whether he belongs to a church or a sect. His baptism was evaluated and rejected, but it is the duty of this administration and the German courts to examine the change of religion from the point of view of the asylum law in terms of whether the change of religion causes persecution and danger to life. Has he become a person for that, or can he cause such a danger to him if he is deported to his country? He writes that the important question that the Constitutional Court had to answer was that if a Christian convert’s faith is a personal matter and the church should have a say in it, then is it right for the asylum office or the courts to recognize a Christian convert? Question about his beliefs and activities? Hanif Nejad further writes, “Each person’s religion and faith is a personal matter, and determining whether someone is a Christian believer or not is the matter of the church. However, it is the responsibility of the government institutions to determine whether this change of religion has caused persecution and danger to life or not. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the question about being a believer and the details related to it.

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In the continuation of the article, a large number of Iranian refugees in Germany state that they converted to Christianity at the time of their arrival in Germany and from the very beginning. The other part, which initially presented other reasons and their reasons were rejected, in the later stages, that is, in the stage of filing a complaint in court or in re-applying for asylum, change of religion and conversion to Christianity are presented as a new reason. In recent years, both the Federal Office for Refugee Affairs and the German courts have looked at these requests with skepticism and even in their negative rulings, they openly consider the conversion of many Iranian refugees to Christianity as an “opportunistic” act. or a “tactical action” to solve the issue of staying in Germany. He finally concluded that it can be expected that from now on, processing the asylum applications of Iranian asylum seekers due to changing their religion and converting to Christianity will be much stricter.

The important question in examining such a request will be: Has the change of religion caused a life-threatening situation for the convert, why and how?

In this matter, it will be necessary to raise many questions, including:

How was the alleged change of religion, how did the process of its internal belief in the individual take place?

Conflicts and internal, intellectual and emotional issues that a person was involved in when he changed his religion and what was its impact on his personal, family and social life? How does a convert live with his new faith? To what extent has this change become a part of a person’s identity and how? Who and how was informed about this change of religion and how was their reaction? Do government security intelligence agencies know about this issue, how?

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