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پذیرش بیش از 23 هزار کارمند محلی افغان
پذیرش بیش از 23 هزار کارمند محلی افغان

Germany’s commitment to accept more than 23 thousand local Afghan employees

Germany’s commitment to accept more than 23 thousand local Afghan employees

Aryan Community News Agency – Germany has allowed 23,614 local Afghan employees and their families to enter. The Federal Migration Service said that 17,556 of them have come to Germany so far. The process of accepting and transferring qualified people is still going on.

The German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” quoting information from the Federal Office of Immigration and Asylum or “BAMF” wrote that among these people, there are 5,141 local employees of the German army and their families, of whom 3,756 Since the seizure of power by the Taliban in the past year, they have been transferred to Germany.

If compared internationally, Germany is in a better position than other European countries in terms of accepting Afghans in need of protection. Other countries participating in the NATO mission in Afghanistan, including Britain and Italy, have accepted smaller numbers of Afghans.

The British Embassy in Germany told this newspaper: “So far, 10,100 people have been transferred to Britain. Among the applicants who worked for the armed forces, they were accepted along with their family members.

“Programs for accepting Afghan journalists in Germany should be accelerated”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy has also confirmed that so far it has approved “one thousand and 218 visas for Afghan nationals” that have travel restrictions. 278 other people entered this country through the “Humanitarian Corridor” program.

Juergen Hardt, the foreign policy spokesman of the Christian Democratic Party of Germany’s CDU faction, told this newspaper: “Germany has so far accepted more Afghans than other NATO member countries.”

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But the politicians of the Green Party have said that this number is still not enough. They are pressing the German federal government for “more generous and faster” aid to Afghans in need of protection. Josephine Powell, the minister of immigration and integration in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, from the Green Party, said: “I ask the federal government to implement the (Afghan) admission program quickly.”

After the fall of the republican system in Afghanistan and the seizure of power by the Taliban, Analna Berbok from the Green Party became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany. Immediately after taking office, he put the program of accepting Afghans in need of protection on his agenda for humanitarian reasons.

Peru Azul: Germany should make more efforts to accept Afghans

At the beginning of July, the investigative committee of the “Bundestag” or the German Federal Parliament began work on the investigation of the evacuation process from Afghanistan. The purpose of this research is to clarify more about this chaotic process that started in Kabul in the summer of 2021. At the same time, the fate of local German employees in Afghanistan, who are still waiting for an opportunity to be transferred to Germany, is to be decided.

The German Parliament has mandated another commission to investigate the 20-year mission of the German army in Afghanistan. The goal is to scientifically explore this mission and provide lessons for future missions.

The human rights officer of the German government called for the implementation of the program for the acceptance of Afghans

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Taliban militants seized power in Kabul in August 2021. They faced little resistance from the Afghan armed forces; Forces that the German army and police played a role in training for many years.

The German army left Afghanistan earlier than planned in July last year. In the process of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, Germany followed the schedule of the United States of America; However, the German parliament had extended the mission of this country’s forces in Afghanistan for another year.

After the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan, Germany also participated in the international rescue and evacuation operations of Afghan civilians in need of protection. The operation that created dramatic scenes in the Kabul airport. Since then, many Afghan people have been trying to find a way out of this country under the rule of the Taliban.

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