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برگزاری جلسه محاکمه عباس و محسن دریس
برگزاری جلسه محاکمه عباس و محسن دریس

holding the trial session of Abbas and Mohsen Drees

holding the trial session of Abbas and Mohsen Drees

Ariyai Jamia News Agency – Today, Tuesday, September 22, 1401, the second session of the court hearing the charges against Abbas Drees and his brother Mohsen Drees was held at the Mahshahr Revolution Court branch.

According to Jamia Aryai news agency, today, Tuesday 22nd of Shahrivar 1401, Abbas Daris and his brother Mohsen Daris, two citizens arrested during the protests of November 2018, by the first branch of Mahshahr Revolution Court headed by Seyed Mehran Mehman Nawaz, trial and final part The defenses of the defendants in this case were presented. The first hearing of this case was held a while ago and part of the defenses of the defendants and their lawyers were taken.

According to this report, Abbas Driss and Mohsen Driss presented their defenses in this hearing for the charges of (fighting through show of force with Kalashnikov weapons), (carrying weapons and shooting with Kalashnikov weapons) and (disturbance of public order). The court judge will present and issue their sentence in the coming days.

It should be noted that on the 16th of Shahrivar, 1401, Farishte Tabanian, the defense lawyer of the defendants in this case, had informed the date of hearing the case of Abbas and Mohsen Drees.

In the first session of his trial, which was held on May 20 of this year, through video conference from Mahshahr prison, Abbas Daris presented a part of his defense for the charges (fighting and show of force with Kalashnikov combat weapons) and (disturbance of order and public peace through the carrying of war weapons) and Mohsen Driss presented to Judge Mehran Mehman Nawaz for the charge of (warfare and show of force with Kalashnikov weapons), (disturbing public order and peace through shooting and carrying and keeping war weapons) had done

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A source familiar with the case of Abbas Drees and Mohsen Drees said in this regard: “This case is being investigated in the second part with the charge of murdering Reza Sayadi Kuikh, an agent of the special unit of the police force, in the Criminal Court Branch 1 of Mahshahr city of Khuzestan province. In this section, it is investigated that Abbas Driss is accused of complicity in the murder of a Muslim man by shooting 3 bullets with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and Mohsen Driss is accused of complicity in the intentional murder of Reza Sayadi Kuikh, a police officer (NOPO) by providing a combat weapon. , it is stated.

In describing the murder of a police officer attributed to Abbas Daris, this informed source added: “Abbas Daris has been accused of overseeing the murder of a security force by firing three bullets at him. This is despite the fact that according to the theory of the forensic medicine, the bullets were fired from a distance of 80 to 120 meters and hit the heart, forehead and throat of Reza Sayadi Kuykh. The military is high and most important is the use of Qanasah. According to the documents of the case, Driss brothers do not have such a weapon and they only used Kalashnikovs. The second point is that the bullet entered from one side and exited from the other side, and for this reason, the medical examiner was not able to identify the type of weapon. Also, after Driss brothers objected to the theory of weapons and ammunition experts, the matter was referred to the three-member panel of experts of weapons and ammunitions and the panel said (according to the distance and the type of weapon used, the shooting leading to murder can be done by Abbas Driss has been). This means that the weapons expert board cannot say with full confidence that 3 accurate shots were fired with this weapon and from this distance.

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Mohsen Daris and his brother Abbas Daris were arrested by the intelligence agents of Abolfazl al-Abbas Corps on December 17, 2018, and on December 18, 1400, their case was handed over to Hassan Salemi, the investigator of the 3rd branch of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Mahshahr, Khuzestan province. It was referred for investigation and indictment.

At the same time, these accusations were attributed to Abbas Drees, who, during the interrogation and investigation, admitted to participating in the protest gatherings on November 27, 2018 in Chamran town, but denied involvement in closing the road in this town and burning tires, but Hassan Salemi, The Mahshahr prosecutor’s office issued a 2-month temporary detention order for him and his case was referred to the Intelligence Corps of Khuzestan province for investigation.

With the beginning of the interrogation process, Abbas Driss admitted to shooting with a Kalashnikov rifle at the police officers during the protests of November 2018 due to physical pressure and torture, but during the interrogation process, while denying these accusations, he denied shooting and killing Reza Sayadi. Kuikh became a police officer (NOPO).

On December 26, 2019, after the completion of the investigation and investigation of the indictment of Abbas Drees by Majid Hashemianpour, another investigator of the 2nd branch of the Mahshahr General and Revolution Prosecutor’s Office of Khuzestan Province, it was arranged and on December 29, 2019, after the approval of the branch assistant The mentioned case was referred to the judiciary of Khuzestan province to determine the trial date and the court branch.

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Abbas Darris and his brother Mohsen Darris, from the moment of their arrest, were deprived of the right of access to a lawyer and other citizenship rights of a defendant listed in international human rights documents and Article 5 of the Criminal Procedure Law, and all the confessions obtained from them through torture and Violent actions have been taken

The so-called Aban 1398 protests were held from November 24, 1398, with the aim of protesting the sudden increase in gasoline prices and the spread of inflation and the increase in the price of goods and services, and continued until November 28 of the same year, and during these gatherings, many Citizens in Iranian cities were killed, injured, and many were arrested and sentenced to imprisonment or execution.

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