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برگزاری جلسه محاکمه حسن عباسی و زینب نورالدینی
برگزاری جلسه محاکمه حسن عباسی و زینب نورالدینی

Holding the trial session of Hassan Abbasi and Zeinab Nuraldini

Holding the trial session of Hassan Abbasi and Zeinab Nuraldini

Jamia Aryai News Agency – The court hearing on the accusation of Hassan Abbasi and Zeinab Nuraldini, media activists, was held.

According to Jamia Ariyai News Agency, on Wednesday 9th of Shahrivar, 1401, Hassan Abbasi – a resident of Tehran and Zainab Noordini – a resident of Beshagard city, journalists and media activists, by the 5th branch of the 2nd Criminal Court of Bandar Abbas on behalf of the 1st Branch of the 2nd Criminal Court of Bandarlange city. They were tried on the charge of (propaganda activity against the regime) following the complaint of Bandar Abbas intelligence

A source familiar with this case told Human Rights in Iran: “This case is against Hassan Abbasi and Zeinab Noordini following the publication of news and video files of the earthquake victims of Sayeh Khosh area of Bandarlange city, which was published in the official media inside Iran. With the complaint, Bandar Abbas Intelligence Corps was formed, and the defendants of this case were initially charged with (publishing images against public modesty) during the investigation phase, but during the trial phase, their charge was changed to (propaganda activity against the regime).”

This informed source also added: “This case is actually an excuse to put pressure on Hassan Abbasi, who is among journalists familiar with the southern regions and the corruption spread by IRGC intelligence among city officials, including the Ports and Shipping Organization and Qeshm and Kish Free Zone. Many revelations have been made.”

It should be mentioned that Hassan Abbasi, in another case on August 19, 1401, in the 1st branch of the 1st Criminal Court of Kerman province, for the accusation of (false publication) and (slander) following the complaint of Mohammad Reza Pourabrahimi, the chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament and the representative of the province. Kerman was tried in the parliament and intelligence department of the Kerman Corps, and the second hearing of this case will be held on the 28th of Shahrivar, 1401.

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On 16 September 2019, Hassan Abbasi was summoned to the information of the Kerman Guard and then to the 1st Investigation Branch of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of this city after receiving a notification through the Sana system.

Earlier, there was a report of the summoning of Amirreza Amirtimori, a member of the Press House, along with Hassan Abbasi, a journalist and a member of the Journalist Association of Tehran province, to the FATA police.

In this regard, Amirreza Amirtimori, on 6 September 1399, following the complaint of Mohammadreza Pourabrahimi Davarani, the representative of Kerman in the parliament, was summoned to the Fata police of Kerman province, and after going through the preliminary interrogation procedures and being informed of the accusation (spreading lies) by receiving a notification He was called to the 1st branch of the Kerman General and Revolution Prosecutor’s Office.

Hassan Abbasi, one of the 3 defendants in this case, was arrested by the security forces on December 5, 2018, following the publication of a report on the poor performance of the governor of Hormozgan, and was released after a few hours.

Suppressing citizens and filing accusations based on the scenario of security agencies violates Article 19 of the Universal Declaration and Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights approved on December 16, 1966.

In Article 5 of the Criminal Procedure Law, it is emphasized on informing the accused as soon as possible about the alleged charges and providing the right of access to a lawyer and other defense rights mentioned in the law.

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