Tuesday , 5 December 2023
محمد گلباز
محمد گلباز

Karaj; Arrest of Christian convert Mohammad Golbaz

According to the news agency of the Aryan community, citing Article 18, Mohammad Golbaz, a Christian convert, was arrested by security officers in Karaj on Saturday, August 8, and was taken to an unknown place in this city.

On this day, 15 security officers rushed to the house of Mr. Golbaz’s parents to arrest him, but this Christian convert who lives in a separate house was not present there.

The security officers found and recorded a picture of Jesus Christ in the house of Mohammad Golbaz’s parents, who is not a Christian. These security officers then went to his motorcycle repair shop.

The security forces first took this Christian citizen to his home, and after searching the house, they took Muhammad to an unknown place. Mr. Golbaz’s laptop has also been seized.

This Christian convert, who is detained in an unknown place in Karaj, made a phone call to his family for the first time two days ago. It is not yet clear what charges have been brought against him.

Recently, the pressure on Christian citizens, especially converts, has intensified. According to reports, IRGC intelligence officers stormed a home church in Neishabur on Sunday, July 5th, and arrested four Christian converts, including Gholamreza Keyvan Menesh.

Heavy sentences have also been issued against Christian citizens from the attack of Joseph Shahbazian and Anushavan Avdian, two Armenian citizens, for their peaceful religious activity.

During its 43 years of existence, the Islamic Republic has never given up oppression to religious and religious minorities and continuously and systematically oppresses religious and ethnic minorities.

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