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کمبود مکان اسکان پناهجویان
کمبود مکان اسکان پناهجویان

Lack of accommodation for asylum seekers in Belgium

Lack of accommodation for asylum seekers in Belgium

According to the Aryan community news agency, according to the new decision of the Belgian government, newly arrived asylum seekers must register their asylum request directly with the foreign nationals office and then go to the Petit Chateau center to be sheltered. The decision came into effect on Monday, August 29, but critics say the crisis in the migrant reception system will remain unresolved.

For the past few months, most migrants who have visited the only asylum registration center in Petit-Château (run by the Federal Agency for Asylum Claims) have been met with closed doors.

Despite the creation of about 2,500 shelters during a year, the refugees of Hamjnan are facing the problem of shelter. In order to address urgent needs, the government has prioritized receiving vulnerable people such as families, underage and unaccompanied asylum seekers.

This decision has caused hundreds of asylum seekers, including single men, to sleep on the street in front of asylum centers at night, waiting to find shelter.

The confusion of new asylum seekers in Belgium

Asylum and Immigration Minister Nicole de Maure’s decision to register asylum applications with the Foreign Nationals Office is supposed to ease the current crisis, but migrant advocacy organizations believe that this move will not solve the problem.

Sotito Ngu, director of the Sireh charity organization, says that the foreign nationals office has refused to register the applications of a number of immigrants: “On Monday, about a hundred people could not hand over their files.” In the new system, as in the past, families and minors have priority and others have to wait.

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According to Mehdi Kaso, the founder and spokesperson of the Citizen Network Association, the change of address has caused “confusion among asylum seekers because they do not know the new address.”

Sotitu Ngo, for his part, criticizes the new system, which he says “only reduces the number of people on the waiting list because asylum seekers have to go to two separate centers: the Foreigners’ Office to register their asylum application and the Petit Chateau center to apply for housing.” ”

Benoit Manzi, a spokeswoman for the federal agency for immigration, admits to separating the waiting lines for immigrants, saying that “the government’s decision does not create additional shelter, but it separates the queues of those in need.” The problem is that the migrants without shelter have to sleep outside in two separate places in front of both centers.

The main problem is the lack of accommodation for refugees

Charitable organizations believe that the main problem is the lack of shelters in the immigrant reception system, which will not be solved without creating new shelters.

The shelter crisis for immigrants in Belgium is related to the increase in the number of immigrants in recent years on the one hand, and the long deadline for processing asylum applications on the other hand. On average, an asylum seeker spends a year and a half in the immigration center before receiving a response from the immigration department.

According to Benoit Manzi, this process causes crowding in the immigration reception system and causes “the number of new arrivals to be much higher than the number of people leaving the asylum centers.” Benoit Manzi believes that instead of creating new centers, the application review process should be accelerated.

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