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ماجرای مهسا امینی
ماجرای مهسا امینی

Mahsa Amini was put into a coma by the Ershad police

Mahsa Amini was put into a coma by the Ershad police

According to Iran Wire, the Arya community news agency, on the morning of Wednesday, 22nd of Shahrivar, a news was published in the cyberspace that a young girl was hospitalized in “Kasri” hospital “due to the severity of the injuries and severe brain damage” after a clash with the guidance patrol on Tuesday night. Tehran is under treatment. According to “Iran Wire” information, this young girl’s name is “Mehsa Amini” from “Saqez” and she is 22 years old. According to Mehsa’s brother Kiaresh in an interview with “Iran Wire”, Mehsa’s arrest took only two hours until he was found in a coma.

What happened to Mehsa Amini? You can read the interview with Mehsa Amini’s brother below.

Mehsa Amini came to Tehran with her family for a leisure trip. But on Tuesday night in Tehran, he was arrested by Irshad patrol forces, he was taken to places in Tehran, and after two hours, his body was transferred to “Kasri” hospital in Tehran by ambulance. After this news was published on social networks on Wednesday, 22nd of Shahrivar, the atmosphere of “Kesri” hospital became highly security with the presence of police forces.

Mehsa Amini is currently in a coma; Mahsa’s doctors diagnosed him with a heart and brain attack. The doctors of his family have saved him.

What is the truth of the story of Mahsa Amini, the daughter of Sanandji, who was put into a coma by the Irshad patrol?

Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., “Shahid Haqqani” street, Tehran

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Mehsa and his brother were at the entrance of the highway when the Irshad patrol car stopped them and took Mehsa into the van. Mehsa’s brother Kiaresh goes towards the agents, but an agent stops him and wraps his hand. Kiaresh frees himself from the officers and they tell him that they will take Mehsa to the “Moral Security” police on “Vezra” street and after an hour of training class, they release him.

But contrary to these statements, the story went differently: “When I arrived in front of the building, there were about 60-70 people in clothes for detained girls, waiting there. When a few people were freed, suddenly there was a scream. We were all knocking on the door of the building. We went up the door. But they did not open the door. Suddenly the officers came out with tear gas and batons and attacked us. they beat My whole body is bruised. My eyes are burning since last night. “Five minutes later, an ambulance left the building.”

“Kiarash” continues with anger and hatred: “Every girl who came out said that ‘someone was killed.’ I was showing Mehsa’s photo to the girls. One of them said that this problem happened to Mahsa in his arms. I was shocked and scared. I asked a soldier what happened? He said one of our soldiers was wounded. They lied. Mehsa was in that ambulance. I didn’t believe it. I ran all the way to the hospital.”

20:17 Tuesday; The doctors of Amini’s family have answered that their daughter will be saved. According to Mehsa’s brother, the doctors diagnosed Mahsa with a heart and brain attack, and although his heart is still beating, his brain is no longer conscious:

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“It took only two hours from the arrest to the delivery of his body. When the ambulance left, it was half an hour before I realized my sister was in it. That is, Mahsa was taken out like that and I was waiting for my sister in front of the minister’s door for half an hour.”

I have nothing left to lose

In the continuation of this report, it is stated: Kiaresh says that from Tuesday night to Wednesday night when he talked to “Iran Wire”, law enforcement officers are constantly monitoring him and his family. One of the police officers has also promised to follow up the incident that happened by being present at the hospital.

Mehsa’s brother has also gone to the prosecutor’s office to file a complaint: “I will continue my complaint. Do you know how the system is? I went to the prosecutor’s office, they gave me a letter that I have to go to the minister’s place. That means I have to take a complaint to the place where they killed my sister. It’s like if I kill someone at home, then my father will be asked who is the murderer? But I won’t let this story end without a fuss. I will fill all of Iran with this news and my complaint.”

Mehsa’s brother was allowed into the room where Mehsa is hospitalized, but they did not allow him to film: “I saw with my own eyes that Mehsa’s face was swollen and her leg was bruised. I have nothing left to lose. “I am under the watch of the officers at the bottom of this building, and my sister is sleeping upstairs.”

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In the recent summer, the violent confrontations of the Irshad patrol forces with women have been detained in the media, but no one has heard from inside the detention centers; The place where Mehsa Amini’s comatose body is today is the result of two hours of imprisonment.

Mandatory hijab has been one of the controversial issues since the beginning of the Islamic Republic, and this issue has become more prominent in the past few years.


The first picture of Mehsa Amini in Kasri Hospital
The first picture of Mehsa Amini in Kasri Hospital

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