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میلان حقیقی با 3 گلوله جنگی کشته شد
میلان حقیقی با 3 گلوله جنگی کشته شد

Milan Haghighi was killed by 3 war bullets

Milan Haghighi was killed by 3 war bullets

According to the news agency of Jamia Aryaei, 21-year-old Milan Haghighi was killed by 3 war bullets on 30 September 1401 in the city of Ashnoye. He who came to the street to protest the murder of Mahsa Amini was killed by the security forces of the Islamic Republic.

In an interview with Radio Farda, Milan Haghighi’s father mentioned some points about his son’s death.

Salim Haghighi, the father of Milan Haghighi, who was shot and killed by government agents during the protests in the city of Ashnoye, said in an interview with Radio Farda that his son died as a result of being hit by three war bullets.

Mr. Haghighi says that Milan Haghighi wanted to change the system of the Islamic Republic and like any other youth, he wanted to have a role in his ideals by participating in popular protests.

Milan Haghigi was 21 years old and born in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was shot and died on Wednesday, CM Shahrivar in Ashnoye. His father says: Both Milan and Mahsa [Amini] were killed by this regime.

Salim Haghigi, a Kurdish writer and translator, published the news of his son’s death on his Facebook page and called him a martyr. Mr. Haghighi wrote that he is proud of Milan and other young people who “sacrificed their pure lives for their soil and homeland and their lofty ideals”.

Salim Haghigi continues to say that his brother Ayoub Haghigi was also arrested by the security forces in Ashnoye and there is no information about his condition.

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Sadr al-Din Litani, Amin Maroufi, Abdul Salam Qadir Galvan are other dead people of Ashnoye city. Amin Maarofi was only 16 years old.

The protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the Irshad Patrol have entered their second week, but there are no exact figures of the casualties of these protests. Farda Radio has confirmed the identity of 32 of the deceased.

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