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کشته شدگان اعتراضات اخیر از 130 تن فراتر رفت
کشته شدگان اعتراضات اخیر از 130 تن فراتر رفت

nationwide protests; Over 215 dead so far/27 children

nationwide protests; Over 215 dead so far/27 children

Arya Community News Agency quoted by Iran Human Rights Organization; 25 Mehr 1401: The number of people killed in recent protests increased to at least 215 people, including 27 children. Violent attacks and suppression of children in schools have sparked public outrage in many cities.

While condemning the violent suppression of children and prisoners in the recent nationwide protests, the Aryani Community News Agency once again emphasized the need to form an independent mechanism under the supervision of the United Nations to audit those responsible for the crimes committed by the security and repressive forces.

The reckless violence of the government, which even targets children and prisoners, together with the false narrative of the Islamic Republic authorities, has increased the urgent need for the international community to enter and form an accountability mechanism for the leaders and perpetrators of crimes and an independent investigation under the supervision of the United Nations.

In the evening of 23 Mehr, Evin prison, located in the north of Tehran, witnessed a fire and riots during which, according to the official media, 8 people were killed and dozens were injured. During this incident and the day after, many political prisoners were severely beaten and transferred to Rajaeeshahr prison in Karaj. The official media, by spreading false narratives and distorting the facts, tried to show these unrest as a fight between non-political prisoners and unrelated to the recent protests. It is possible that the number of people killed in Evin prison is much higher than what the official media in Iran announced.

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On Sunday, October 17th, there were reports of a riot and conflict between prisoners and government forces in Rasht Central Prison (Lakan), in which six prisoners died according to unconfirmed reports. The Iranian Human Rights Organization has not yet managed to confirm the exact number or identity of those killed in these two prisons, and for this reason, the number of those killed in these two prisons is not included in the aforementioned statistics. The organization reiterates that the current statistics are “minimum” and include only cases that have been confirmed by the organization’s researchers. Therefore, the actual death toll is estimated to be much higher and the Iranian Human Rights Organization continues its investigation.

According to the statistics and information of the Iranian Human Rights Organization, the number of people killed in recent protests has reached at least 215 people. According to the reports received by this organization, 27 of the dead were under 18 years old. Birth certificates and documents showing their exact age have not yet been received for all of them. Efforts to accurately record their ages are ongoing.

So far, the dead have been reported from 19 different provinces, and the most deaths were from the provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, Mazandaran, Kurdistan, Gilan and Tehran, respectively. The most deaths were reported on 30 Shahrivar (September 21), 31 Shahrivar (September 22) and 8 Mehr (September 30), respectively.

The 19 provinces where protesters were killed are as follows: Sistan and Baluchistan 93 people, Mazandaran 28 people, Kurdistan 16 people, Tehran 15 people, Gilan 14 people, West Azerbaijan 13 people, Kermanshah 10 people, Alborz 6 people, Khorasan Razavi 4 people, Isfahan 3 people, Qazvin 2 people, Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad 2 people, Zanjan 2 people, East Azerbaijan 2 people, Ardabil 1 person, Ilam 1 person, Bushehr 1 person, Semnan 1 person, Khuzestan 1 person.

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Iran Human Rights Organization has also received numerous reports of group arrests of civil activists and protesters. v Relatives of some detainees told Iran Human Rights Organization that their loved ones are under pressure to confess on television.

In the province of Sistan and Baluchistan, on Friday, October 8, a gathering took place after the Friday prayer in Zahedan in protest against the assault of the police commander of Chabahar on a teenage Baloch girl, which was accompanied by bloody repression. This day has been nicknamed “Bloody Friday of Zahedan” by civil activists and the media.

The number of people killed in the “Bloody Friday of Zahedan” announced by the “Baloch Activists Campaign” reached at least 93 people. Some of these people died in the hospital in the following days.

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