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ماجرای مهسا امینی
ماجرای مهسا امینی

Reasons to doubt the truth of the police force’s claim about the “cause of death of Mahsa Amini”

Reasons to doubt the truth of the police force’s claim about the “cause of death of Mahsa Amini”

In the first response to Mehsa Amini’s death, the police force issued a notice and announced that she “suddenly suffered from a heart problem”.

It is not the first time that such notices are issued after the news of the death of people in prisons and detention centers of the Islamic Republic, but this notice lacks validity for several reasons and cannot be cited as a fact.

  1. This narration contradicts the narration of Mahsa’s family and eyewitnesses.
  2. On the other hand, the evidence and the pictures published of Mehsa in the hospital strengthen the possibility of “fracture of the base of the skull”.
  3. The video broadcast from the security cameras by the police regarding the cause of Mehsa Amini’s death has been interrupted, and it brings the criticism that most of the violence took place at the moment of arresting people. No images of the moment of arrest and getting in and out of the van have been broadcast.
  4. Kasri Hospital announced in an Instagram post that Mehsa Amini was brought to this medical center at 11 p.m. and was brain dead from the very beginning. Apart from the fact that this time is very far from 18:00 when he was arrested. With the pressure of the security forces, this post was completely removed from Kasri Hospital’s Instagram page.
  5. The background of the Islamic Republic’s security and law enforcement forces in similar cases questions the validity of this announcement.
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Examining some similar cases regarding the cause of Mehsa Amini’s death

To check the history of security and law enforcement forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in similar cases, we mention a few cases:

  • In the case of the death of Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani, the head of the judiciary at the time said that according to the forensic report, his death was natural. Years later, some people close to security circles at that time published another account of his torture and murder by security agents.
  • In the course of Saeed Emami’s death, it was said that “Saeed Emami committed suicide by eating cleaning medicine.” Since then, this narrative has been doubted in the official publications inside Iran. Some political-security officials of the Islamic Republic, including Ruhollah Hosseinian, have questioned the story of his suicide and said that he was murdered.
  • About two weeks after the death of Zahra Kazemi, Mohammad Hossein Khoshvoqt, Director General of Press and Foreign Media of the Ministry of Guidance, announced that she “bid Darfani due to a stroke.” Two weeks later, in the special report of the presidential commission, the cause of death was clearly stated as “hit by a hard object on the head”.
  • The official authorities announced the cause of death of Zahra Bani Yaqoub, a young Iranian doctor who was arrested by the Basij in Hamadan, as “suicide”. The Bani Yaqoob family demanded an independent investigation, citing the evidence of the beating, but the judicial and security institutions opposed it.
  • On May 16, 2004, Ebrahim Lotfollahi, a law student, was arrested in Sanandaj. 11 days later, the information department informs his family to go to Sanandaj cemetery. Intelligence agents declare the cause of death to be suicide, but it is not clear why they buried the body secretly without the presence of the family.
  • Fata Sattar Beheshti police arrest the blogger worker. 5 days later he is killed. In the first weeks, it is said that he died naturally and no signs of beating were seen on his body, but in the end, it was declared that the most likely cause of death was “shock” due to “hit or hits to sensitive parts of the body or extreme psychological pressure”. Is.
  • The news of Kavos Seyed Emami’s death is published 15 days after his arrest by the IRGC. It is said that he committed suicide in prison. But this narrative is doubted even by some officials in the Islamic Republic.
  • 12 days after Mohammad Raji’s arrest, Darvish Gonabadi’s family is informed of his death. Shahpur intelligence agents tell Raji’s family that he “died as a result of the blows received during the interrogation.” However, the judicial authorities claim that the cause of death is the injuries caused by the conflict on Pasdaran Street on the night of the accident.
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With these words, it can be said that until there are clear documents that can be checked to confirm the claims of the police force regarding the cause of Mehsa Amini’s death, official announcements cannot be considered valid and reliable and viewed as facts.

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