Wednesday , 6 December 2023
نجات 203 پناهجو توسط ترکیه در دریا

Rescue of 203 refugees at sea by Turkish coast guard

Rescue of 203 refugees at sea by Turkish coast guard

Turkish coast guards announced that they rescued 203 migrants from the waters of Izmir in the west of the country. 181 of these migrants were pushed back to the Turkish waters by the Greek border guards, and 22 others were trying to reach the Greek islands.

According to Daily Sabah newspaper, coast guards found 181 migrants pushed back from the Greek border in the waters of Izmir province during a trip to Hesar, Manderes, Qara Borun and Cheshme. These immigrants were on six ships and four yachts.

At the same time, the coast guards found 22 other migrants who wanted to reach the Greek islands by ship in the fenced travel area.

All rescued migrants were transferred to a migrant center in Izmir province.

A large number of immigrants from North Africa, Asia and the Middle East are trying to enter Greece and other European countries through Turkey. A part of these immigrants are Afghans and Iranians.

Migrants usually enter Greece by boat from the border river Merich (Ivoros River) and the Aegean Sea.

Charitable organizations have always accused Greece of pushing migrants back across its borders to Turkey.

Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitaraki denied once again the involvement of Greek border forces in pushing back migrants last Sunday. He said, however, that Athens has prevented 124,000 illegal immigrants since the beginning of the year.

According to the Greek Minister of Immigration, about 50,000 immigrants planned to enter Greece in August alone.

According to Daily Sabah, Turkish officials say that they have rescued 41,000 migrants from the sea in the last two years. Most of these immigrants were pushed back from the borders of Greece.

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Turkey, in turn, has intensified measures against illegal immigrants. According to officials, since the beginning of the year, more than 75,000 illegal immigrants have been deported and about 205,000 immigrants have been prevented from entering the country.

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