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اعتصاب غذای سپیده قلیان
اعتصاب غذای سپیده قلیان

Sepideh Qalian was sent to the hospital after the hunger strike

Sepideh Qalian was sent to the hospital after the hunger strike

Ariyai Community News Agency – Sepideh Qalian, a civil activist imprisoned in Evin prison, started a hunger strike on Friday, September 18. Mrs. Qalian’s strike has taken place in protest of being held in a prison far from her family’s place of residence. Yesterday, he was sent to Taleghani Hospital due to his physical condition.

A source close to this prisoner’s family said in this regard: “Sepideh has started a hunger strike in protest against the authorities’ failure to respond to his and his family’s repeated requests to be transferred to Sepidar Ahvaz Prison, as it is a prison close to his place of residence. . Yesterday afternoon, Sepideh was sent to Taleghani hospital due to his poor physical condition and low blood pressure, and he is still on hunger strike, this issue has increased the concern of his family and relatives. According to this informed source: “Even Sepideh’s parents came to Tehran from Dezful, and their efforts to end Sepideh’s hunger strike were useless.”

Earlier, an informed source said: “Despite Ms. Qalian’s repeated requests to be transferred to Sepidar prison in Ahvaz, as a prison close to her place of residence, she has not been given an answer so far, and due to the long distance from Tehran to Dezful, it is difficult to meet her in person.” It was possible for the family, and in fact, it seems that Sepideh is in exile.”

Mrs. Qalian was sent on leave from Bushehr prison on August 28 of last year, she was arrested by security forces at her sister’s house in Ahvaz on October 19 and was transferred to the detention center of the Ministry of Intelligence known as Ward 209 of Evin Prison on October 22. She was finally transferred to the women’s ward of Evin prison on November 13 last year, after the interrogation process was over.

  nationwide protests; Over 215 dead so far/27 children

Sepideh Qalian was arrested on 27 November 2017 along with at least 19 people, including all the members of the Haftpeh Sugarcane Labor Representatives Assembly, several labor activists, and a number of employees and managers of the company who had come to the security police to follow up on the status of the detainees, at the Sush security police station. and was released on bail on December 27 of the same year. During the broadcast of the forced confessions of Sepideh Qalian, Ismail Bakshi and several others by Sed and Sima, these two citizens had announced before the broadcast of this documentary that the forces of the Ministry of Intelligence and other security forces had tortured them. Hours after these statements, they were arrested again by the security forces.

On November 4, 2018, Sepideh Qalian was released from Azad prison on temporary bail until the end of the proceedings, and on December 23, 2018, she was sentenced to 5 years of definitive imprisonment by the appeals court of Tehran province. Mrs. Qalian was finally arrested on July 1, 2019 after attending the sentence execution unit of Evin Prosecutor’s Office and was transferred to Evin prison to serve her sentence, and on March 20, 2019, she was deported from the women’s ward of Evin prison to Bushehr prison.

In September 1400, Sepideh Qalian was called to Branch 2 of Bushehr General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office to defend the accusations of “publishing computer lies and propaganda activity against the system”.

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