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ضرب و شتم شدید پناهجوی ایرانی در قبرس
ضرب و شتم شدید پناهجوی ایرانی در قبرس

Severe beating of an Iranian refugee in Cyprus

Severe beating of an Iranian refugee in Cyprus

According to Jamia Aryaei news agency, a video of an attack on an Iranian refugee woman was published on social media today, Friday, 11 September, which showed a man (who is said to be her landlord) severely beating her.

The identity of this refugee woman, the exact time of this incident and its cause are not known. But the Cypriot news agency Alpha News has announced that the woman’s first name is “Tara” and apparently she was attacked and beaten by this elderly man due to non-payment of rent.

According to the information published by the Cypriot website “Kisa”, this happened on Wednesday, September 9.

In the mentioned video, the Iranian refugee woman is attacked by an elderly man and another woman finally tries to stop the man.

In an interview with “Tara” after the incident in the hospital, the Cypriot news agency Alfanouz said that this is not the first time that she has been assaulted by this 76-year-old man. Tara said that this man even beat her three-year-old child.

According to Tara, she tried many times to pursue this issue through legal means, but she was never helped.

The story of the beating of an Iranian asylum seeker in Cyprus by Tara

In Tara’s other video, the Iranian refugee woman is lying on the hospital bed and the wounds and injuries can be seen on her face and legs. At the beginning of this video, he says in Farsi: “The dead man is coming to you, God only…”
In the continuation of the same video, the person who took the video asks him in English, “What happened to you and who did this?” And this refugee says in response:
“My landlord came to my door and attacked me, attacked my baby… My baby is very sick and in bad shape…”
Tara told the Cypriot news agency Alphanews that she had rented this house 4 months ago through her friend and paid the rent as usual, but they did not give her a receipt because they have problems with taxes: “I allowed 500 euros every month, to He said give me a receipt and he said no because I’m paying the state and I can’t give you a slip…”
Before renting this house, Tara lived in a car with her young child, and the welfare department told her that if she did not find a home, they would take the child from her.
According to the information published about this refugee woman, her child is suffering from heart disease and asthma and has been living with her mother for a long time under conditions where the water and electricity at home were cut off.
According to Alfanews, the Ministry of Social Welfare of Cyprus has announced that they are aware of this incident and have asked this Iranian refugee to change his place of residence.

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ضرب و شتم شدید پناهجوی ایرانی در قبرس
Severe beating of an Iranian refugee in Cyprus

The Cypriot police have entered the matter and started an investigation related to assault, grievous bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon and insult. The case has been registered in the Limassol Provincial Court, and bail of 10,000 euros has been set for the defendants.
Telegram channel “Consul of Iran in Cyprus” on Friday, September 11th confirmed this incident and wrote that the “Consul of this agency” went to the hospital and visited her during the first hour of the video of the beating of this Iranian woman.
The channel of the Iranian Consul in Cyprus also wrote “The legal process of dealing with the assailant and those responsible for this is being pursued by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the relevant authorities of Cyprus.”
This incident happened in the city of Limassol, located in the Greek part of Cyprus.

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