Monday , 4 December 2023

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Conditional release of Moin Hajizadeh, a political prisoner

Aryai Community News Agency – Moin Hajizadeh, a political prisoner imprisoned in Evin prison, was released According to the news agency of the Aryan community, on Tuesday evening, October 12, 1401, Moin Hajizadeh. Political prisoner The prisoner in Evin prison was released after serving 37 months of his total imprisonment. …

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Imprisonment and flogging for 9 political prisoners

حبس و شلاق برای 9 متهم سیاسی

  Imprisonment and flogging for 9 political prisoners Ariyai Jamia News Agency – Today, Tuesday, September 8, 1401, Branch 101 of Feshafuye District Criminal Court sentenced one of the political prisoners to imprisonment and whipping. According to the report of the Aryaei news agency, citing Human Rights in Iran, on …

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Khaled Pirzadeh’s hunger strike continues in Tehran prison

Arya Community News Agency 1

Ariyai Jamia News Agency – Khaled Pirzadeh, a political prisoner in Tehran’s Great Prison today, Tuesday, April 3, eleven days after the resumption of the hunger strike, has faced problems such as low blood pressure, severe weight loss, and dizziness. While Mr. Pirzadeh had ended his hunger strike on March …

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