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همایون ژاوه و سارا احمدی
همایون ژاوه و سارا احمدی

The arrest of two Christian converts, Homayoun Javah and Sara Ahmadi

According to the report of the Aryan community, citing “Article 18”, two Christian converts, Homayoun Javah and Sara Ahmadi, were arrested on Saturday, August 22, after appearing in the execution branch of the “Holy Martyr” Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran. Day, they are still locked in that place.

The two Christian citizens received a text message, and they were ordered to appear at the execution branch within 24 hours.

A source told “Article 18” that these two people went to this place hoping to recover the seized property. They had a 10 minute call with their family and said they are fine.

Homayoun Javah and Sara Ahmadi have been sentenced to eight years and two years in prison, respectively, due to their Christian belief and peaceful ideological activity.

Mr. Javeh is suffering from severe Parkinson’s disease and the lack of access to medicine and high stress can seriously endanger his health.

On March 29, 2019, Homayun Javah and Sara Ahmadi were summoned to the Evin Prosecutor’s Office to serve their prison terms. They went to the Probation Branch on this date, but were told to go home and they would be contacted again.

This Christian convert couple has also been sentenced to two years of banning from leaving the country and banning membership in parties and social groups. The court also forced them to provide free public services to the mentally disabled for six months, four hours a day, under the supervision of the nursing home.

Sara Ahmadi and Homayoun Javah
Sara Ahmadi and Homayoun Javah

Sara Ahmadi has been accused of running Dastjat, pseudo-Dastjat and illegal groups through “Zionist evangelical Christianity” to “disrupt the security of the country”.

  Humiliating treatment of Christian converts in Evin

The government of Iran has repeatedly sent Christians to prison with similar accusations and without providing evidence. Mr. Javeh has also been accused of being a member of a house church.

This Christian couple living in Tehran was arrested on 24 June 2018 in Amol during a recreational and family trip. These Christian citizens were sentenced to a total of 12 prison terms by the Tehran Revolutionary Court in November 2019. Their appeal was rejected a month after the conviction, but their sentences were changed to 8 years and 2 years.

Sara Ahmadi spent 67 days in prison. This Christian citizen was imprisoned for three days in solitary confinement in Sari, and then he was transferred to Tehran, and spent 30 days in solitary confinement in Ward 209 of Evin, and then he was transferred to the “Suite” of this ward.

Ward 209 of this prison has single and multi-person cells known as suites and is at the disposal of the Ministry of Information.

Mrs. Ahmadi has been severely harassed during this period. He was released on a bail of 300 million tomans.

Homayoun Javah was first imprisoned for four days in Amol and then transferred to Tehran and spent 33 days in Evin General Prison. Mr. Javeh, whose health deteriorated during his imprisonment, was released on the third of September with a bail of 200 million tomans.

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