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کشته شدگان اعتراضات اخیر از 130 تن فراتر رفت
کشته شدگان اعتراضات اخیر از 130 تن فراتر رفت

The deaths of the recent protests exceeded 130 people

The deaths of the recent protests exceeded 130 people

Aryan Community News Agency quoted by Human Rights in Iran – The total number of people killed in the recent protests in Iran has exceeded 130 people.

On Sunday, October 10, the Iranian Human Rights Organization condemned the killing of protesters in different cities of Iran, especially the recent killing in Zahedan, “in the strongest possible tone” and announced that the number of people killed in the repressions of the past two weeks has reached 133 people.

This human rights organization, which has so far independently confirmed the killing of at least 92 protesters, says in its new report that the “Baloch Activists Campaign” has separately published the names of 41 people killed in Zahedan protests.

According to the Iranian Human Rights Organization, in this way, the total number of people killed in recent repressions has reached 133 people.

Dozens of protesters were killed and injured by the security agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a rally that took place on the 8th of October after Friday prayers in Zahedan in protest of the Chabahar police chief’s assault on a Baloch teenage girl.

As of the moment of writing this report, the official media of the government confirmed the death of only 19 people in Zahedan protests and announced the number of injured people from the words of the governor of Sistan and Baluchistan.

Meanwhile, according to the report of the Baloch activists campaign, 197 people were injured due to the shooting of the security agents in these protests, of which “160 people were injured by combat arrows and the rest were injured by bullets.”

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Mahmoud Amiri Moghadam, director of Iran Human Rights Organization, called the killing of protesters in Iran, especially the killing of Zahedan, “an example of a crime against humanity” and emphasized: “The international community is obliged to pursue this crime and prevent the occurrence of new crimes at the hands of the Islamic Republic. ».

The nationwide protests of the Iranian people, which started in response to the killing of Mahsa (Gina) Amini in the custody of the Irshad Patrol, are still continuing after 15 days despite the bloody suppression of the protesters.

Mehsa Amini, who had traveled from Saqqez to Tehran with her family, died on the 25th of Shahrivar and three days after being arrested by the Irshad patrol agents in Tehran’s Kasri hospital, which immediately led to widespread anti-government protests in Iran.

The authorities of the Islamic Republic always associate the protests of the people in the streets with the “enemy”, but they have not provided any evidence for this claim.

In this context, websites close to the security institutions published a video of the forced confession of one of the Baloch citizens arrested during the Zahedan protests.

The Iranian Human Rights Organization says that these confessions seem to have been obtained under pressure.

In the past days, several videos of the confessions of those arrested during the recent protests in different cities were broadcasted by media affiliated with or close to the government.

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