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گلوله پاسخ معترضان در ایران
گلوله پاسخ معترضان در ایران

The response bullet of the protesters in Iran

The response bullet of the protesters in Iran

According to the news agency of Jamia Aryaei – Iran is witnessing historical moments these days. Protests that spread in almost all provinces of Iran, and of course, the response to these protests, as in previous years, was bullets. The Islamic Republic turned another bloody page in its history by using violence and using firearms and war against the protesters who have no weapons. Some of the dead these days are children who were shot in response to their demands.

The music of “Chamri” shows the mourning of the young and the old; The sound that can be heard in many cities of Kurdistan these days and was played in the streets of West Islamabad on Sunday 3rd of Mehr month was in the mourning of Saeed Mohammadi, a 25-year-old protester who died on Wednesday 30th of Shahrivar due to a bullet hit in the streets of this city.

Kilometers away, in Piranshahr in West Azarbaijan province, a young mother sings a lullaby in Kurdish over the newly buried 16-year-old:

“Hey Lai Lai, my child Lai Lai, tell me why you can’t sleep.. You are a martyr, my young man.. Now I can’t hear your voice anymore…” Zakaria Khayal, 16 years old, a student, died on Tuesday 29 September due to a bullet wound in the streets of Piranshahr.

15-year-old Amir Fuladi in West Islamabad, 16-year-old Abdullah Mahmoudpour in Balu village of Urmia and 16-year-old Amin Maroufi in Ashnoyeh are other teenagers who were shot and died.

Protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the Irshad patrol are entering their second week. However, there are no exact statistics on the deaths of these protests. The dead who were directly shot by the special guard and security forces. On the evening of Friday, the first of Mehr month, the Minister of Interior, Ahmed Vahidi, accused the protesters of killing ordinary people and said that some of the dead were people who were trying to enter sensitive locations.

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But what can be clearly seen in the videos published on social networks is the direct shooting of the special guard and security forces at the protesters who were targeted by live bullets in the streets.

The published videos of their burial also tell another story; In every city where the dead body of a protester is buried, a large crowd has gathered and mourned with slogans similar to the slogans of the protesters in the protests.

At the funeral ceremony of Mohsen Qaysari, a 32-year-old young man in Ilam who died on Wednesday 30th of September due to a bullet, people chanted death to the dictator. At the funeral of Amin Maarofi in Ashnoye, people call this 16-year-old a martyr, and a man says in Kurdish: “Take this video and send it to those who are sitting at home so that they know that not everyone can handle this.” He is a martyr.”

The sister of Javad Heydari, a 36-year-old young man who died in Qazvin on Thursday 31st of Shahrivar, cuts his hair over the freshly buried body of his brother. Like hundreds and thousands of protesters who set fire to scarves and cut their hair in front of the special guard.

On the other hand, in Kermanshah, a large crowd of women at the funeral of Mino Majidi, a 55-year-old protester who died, took off a scarf and chanted: “Jen, Zian, Azadi”

Mino Majidi is not the only woman who died in these protests. Hanana Kia and Hadith Najafi, both 23 years old, were killed on Wednesday, 30 Shahrivar in Nowshahr and Karaj.

Hananeh Kia was a passerby returning from the dentist’s office and was killed by a live bullet, but Hadith Najafi was a protester who was hit by multiple bullets.

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The organs of Ghazaleh Chalabi, a 32-year-old protester from Amoli, who was shot on Wednesday, September 30, were donated to 8 patients.

Mehsa Mogoi, 18 years old, was shot and killed in Foladshahr, Isfahan, on Thursday, 31 Shahrivar.

Rouzbeh Khadimian is another protester who addressed them in his last story on social networks by posting photos of protesting women and wrote, “I will die for your freedom.” He was hit by two bullets on Wednesday, 30 September.

The geographical extent of shooting at protesters has affected several provinces; From Kurdistan to Azerbaijan and Ilam, from Kermanshah to Alborz and Gilan and Mazandaran to Isfahan.

The Iranian Human Rights Organization, which is headquartered in Oslo, has announced the number of dead at 76. But on Saturday evening, Mehr 2nd, Sedavsima announced the death toll of the recent protests in the whole country as 41 people, including officers and Basij fighters.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network also reported on Farjad Darvishi, 23 years old, and Danesh Rahnama, 25 years old, in Balu village in Urmia, Fouad Al-Gadi, 39 years old, in Diwandara, Milan Haghigi, 21 years old, and Sadruddin Litani, 27 years old, and Abdulsalam Qadir Galvan, 32 years old, in Ashnoyeh, and Reza Lotfi in Dehgolan has published that government officers were directly targeted and died.

The news of Milan Haghighi’s death was published by his father, Salim Haghighi, a Kurdish writer and translator, on his Facebook page and wrote that he is proud of Milan and other young people who “sacrificed their pure lives for their soil, homeland and lofty ideals”.

A little further on in the Aichi Saqqez cemetery, a man stands in the grave of a young man who died and says that his work should not be left half-finished.

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“This work must not be left half-finished,” he tells Kordi. I ask all the parents of Iran to take the lead. “Take your children’s hands and go to the demonstration with them.”

According to his story, he is the father, and according to another story, he is a relative of Fereydoun Mahmoudi, a 33-year-old young man who died on 28 September in Saqqez due to a bullet wound.

Saqez is the city of Mehsa Amini, a Jina who, according to his mother, traveled to Tehran safe and sound to visit his relatives, and a few days later, his lifeless body was sent to Saqez from the custody of the Irshad patrol, and the spark of protests came from this city.

23-year-old Reza Shahparnia in Kermanshah, 24-year-old Mohammad Farmani in Ray Shahr, Pedram Azarnoush and Mehrdad Behnamasal in Dehdasht, 30-year-old Erfan Khazaei Dikoui in Shahryar, 18-year-old Parsa Rezadost in Hashtgerd, 59-year-old Mohammad Jamehozur in Karaj, Yasin Jamalzadeh in Rezvanshahr and Anoushirvan (Amir Ali) Fuladi in West Islamabad are the protesters who died.

and in the north of Iran; Mohsen Mohammadi in Qaimshahr, 23-year-old Hossein Ali Kia in Nowshahr, 21-year-old Erfan Rezaei in Amol, 37-year-old Behnam Laikpour in Rasht, 25-year-old Milad Zare and 26-year-old Mohammad Hasan Turkman in Babol, 20-year-old Mohammad Hosseinikhah in Sari and Mohammad Reza (Maziar) Salmanian. They were shot in Rasht.

This is the only death toll whose identity the Aryan Community News Agency has been able to confirm. However, according to reports and videos published on social networks, the death toll is much higher.

Among those killed in the protests, there are both protestors and passers-by; From students, marketers, soldiers, workers, and students who were in their teens. Their families have remained silent due to security pressures, and a number of families have been pressured to bury their loved ones at night.

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