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نجات 150 پناهجو در ترکیه
نجات 150 پناهجو در ترکیه

Turkey: Rescue 150 refugees and find the bodies of 3 more refugees

Turkey: Rescue 150 refugees and find the bodies of 3 more refugees

Arian Community News Agency – The Turkish Coastal Forces announced that they have rescued 150 refugees in three separate incidents on the coast of the Aegean Sea. These forces also report finding the bodies of three refugees.

According to the news agency of the Aryan community, quoting the statement of the Turkish Coast Guard, 150 migrants have been returned to Turkey “illegally” by the Greek border forces, and three people have died.

The Turkish Coast Guard has said that they rescued eight “illegal immigrants” while the body of one of them was on the water.

Also, according to the Coast Guard, the bodies of two migrants were recovered from the sea following the search and rescue operation of Turkish forces.

According to the information provided by the Turkish Coast Guard, the rescued migrants said in their statements that the Greek forces threw eleven of these migrants back into the water after crossing the Greek island of Chios.

However, the Turkish Coast Guard adds that they rescued 138 other migrants on the beaches of Karabron, Dikili and Kisemi in Izmir.

These forces claim that Greek authorities have “illegally” returned five boats carrying migrants to Turkish waters.

On the other hand, it is said that Turkish naval forces have intercepted 38 migrants who wanted to start their journey from the coast of Dekili region of Izmir.

According to the Turkish authorities, all the immigrants have been introduced to the immigration institutions in the cities for further processing.

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The Turkish Coast Guard has also rescued three other migrants in the Bodrum area in the southwest of Mugla province, who are said to have been pushed out of Greek waters. These migrants, who are now in the hospital, told the Turkish Coast Guard that they were physically abused by the Greek forces.

Turkey has always been one of the countries where immigrants fleeing war and violence have found its path favorable to reach European countries.

Turkish authorities have always accused the Greek navy of illegally returning migrants to Turkey and endangering their lives.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Interior, since the beginning of this year, around 59,000 illegal immigrants have been deported from the country. This figure shows a 136% increase compared to last year in the same period. Turkish officials said 35,728 were Afghan deportees sent to Afghanistan by 144 charter flights.

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