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حکم اعدام برای دو فعال حقوق دگرباشان جنسی در ایران
حکم اعدام برای دو فعال حقوق دگرباشان جنسی در ایران

Zahra Sediqi committed suicide in prison

Attempted suicide by Zahra Sediqi Hamdani in the central prison of Urmia

Aryan Community News Agency – Zahra Sediqi Hamdani, known as “Sarah”, an activist of the LGBTQ community, committed suicide on Wednesday, September 16, 1401.

According to Jamia Ariyai news agency, Zahra Sediqi Hamadani, known as “Sarah”, an LGBTQ community activist, who was sentenced to death last week on the charge of corruption in the world by promoting homosexuality, on Wednesday, 16 September 1401, committed suicide by taking pills in the central prison of Urmia. has committed suicide

After attempting to commit suicide, Sara was transferred to the Razi Hospital in Urmia, and after washing her stomach, she was transferred to the women’s ward of Urmia Central Prison, and she is still in a bad mental state.

Last week, the officials of Urmia prison humiliated Zahra Sediqi Hamdani and Elham Chobdar in front of the other prisoners of the women’s prison and said that Iran is no place for such people and their death sentence will be executed soon.

Sara was arrested on November 5, 1400 at the border of Turkey by IRGC intelligence forces. The official media of the Islamic Republic announced his crime as trafficking in women and girls.

On Sunday, 12th of Shahrivar, it was announced that Zahra Sediqi Hamadani, known as “Sarah”, 31 years old from Naqdeh, and Elham Chobdar, 24 years old from Urmia, were charged with “corruption on earth” through “promoting Christianity”, “promoting homosexuality” and “communication with the media of the Islamic Republic.” He was sentenced to death by the Urmia Revolutionary Court.

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The wave of pressure on activists and members of the LGBT community in Iran has intensified over the past two years, and issuing the death sentence for Sara and the librarian is the latest violation of the rights of these citizens by the Islamic Republic.

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